Lyca Money

Mobile Money FAQs:

What is mobile money?

Mobile Money is an electronic mobile financial service that allows users to deposit and store e-money, send, and receive money on mobile wallets linked to their mobile SIM Card numbers. It is a convenient alternative to bank accounts and can be used on basic phones as well as smartphones.

How do I register for Lyca Money Services?

New Lyca Mobile Customer:
Visit the nearest Lyca Mobile/Lyca Money Store with your original Identification Documents to be assisted by an Agent to acquire a new sim card with the Mobile Money Services.

Existing Customers:
For an existing Lyca Mobile customer, dial *165# to get started. You will receive a One Time PIN (OTP) through a delivered SMS and a prompt requiring an input of OTP followed by another prompt to set your 4-digit PIN.

How do I access Mobile Money services?

After being onboarded and registered, the customer will dial *165# and follow the prompts. You can also use the Lyca Mobile Money App by following the prompts.

What services can I use Lyca Money for?

There are several services available for Lyca Money customers. These include the following:

Send and receive Money.
Deposit and withdraw money from authorised Lyca Money Agents.
Wallet to Bank services.
ATM cardless withdrawal.
Payment for the Lyca Mobile Postpaid Services Bills.
Purchase Lyca Mobile airtime, Voice and Data Service bundles for yourself and others.
Pay utility bills.
Pay taxes to URA and license fees property rates to the city and municipal authorities.

Does Lyca Money have minimum and maximum limits with the Mobile Money Wallet ?

Minimum Transaction Amount – UGX 500
Maximum single transaction account – UGX 3,000,000
Maximum wallet balance per day – UGX 10,000,000
Maximum Transaction amount per day – UGX 10,000,000

What are the rates for using Lyca Money?

The Mobile Money fees are automatically deducted with applicable tax levies where applicable. The rates are available on the Lyca Money “My Account” menu, Authorised Agent points and at

Can I send money from my Lyca Money wallet to people on other networks?

Yes, you can send money to people on any network within Uganda.

Can I use Lyca Money service if I have no airtime?

Yes. You can use mobile money services even if you have no airtime credit. Where applicable, the charges and fees are deducted from your Mobile Money wallet.

How safe is my Money on my Lyca Money wallet?

Your money is safe since every transaction requires your PIN before completion. Remember to keep your PIN a secret and change it regularly or if you think someone else has seen it.

What if I lose my phone / SIM card? Will I lose money from my How safe is my Money on my Lyca Money wallet?

Lyca Money services are safe even if your phone or SIM card get lost. This is on condition that your PIN is not compromised. All your transactions are protected by the system security and your PIN. You can replace your SIM card at any of our Lyca Mobile outlets by following the set regulatory guidelines on SIM replacement.

What do I do in case of the wrong transfer?

If you send money to the wrong number, immediately call Lyca Money Customer Care on 100. Once the case has been lodged in, Lyca Money will endeavor to reverse the funds back to the sender. This process takes 24 hrs. Please keep in mind that Lyca Money will not be liable if the funds have already been withdrawn by the receiving party or sent from one person to another subsequently. In any case, the funds will be less the applicable taxes either from the receiving party, or your mobile wallet.

What if I forget my Lyca Money wallet PIN?

If you forget your PIN, you can change it by using “Forgot Password” option in the USSD or Mobile App menu. You will be prompted for your Secret Word and OTP during the change process.

Can I transfer money from my bank to my mobile wallet?

The bank to wallet protocol is handled when you register for the service with your bank. However, using Lyca Money, you can push money from your mobile wallet to your bank account by selecting the available banking institutions available on the Lyca Money menu.